MoDown | Barber Exhibit

The 5th Annual MoDown Barber Exhibit— a highly anticipated 2 day tradeshow and competition. A one of a kind experience in the Barbering industry. For two days Barbers, Stylist, Students and professionals from around the world come together and take part in a community of artist who share a passion for the craft and business of hairdressing.

Our focus is to create opportunities by providing a platform and resources to help enhance careers; serving as a bridge between our members and the companies, tools and products they need. The strong network of students, schools, shop owners, professionals and companies that support the organization allow us to expose our partners to a large, active and engaged audience. It is our hope that your business joins us in leaving a positive imprint in the industry as we influence change through empowerment and collaboration.

Day One

Professional haircutting competition with 5 categories that challenges everything from speed to creativity. The nation’s top barber stylist will go head to head and create unique styles. The competition will be followed by an award ceremony, winner’s closing ceremony and after party with some of LA’s hottest DJ’s.

Day Two

Training Seminar/ Student competition- An intense training seminar with the Industry’s best educators. The seminar will cover business fundamentals, brandings, marketing, client expansion/retention, haircutting techniques and much more.


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